The activity of Family Office consists on providing professional advice and services related to patrimonial wealth to persons, families or patrimonial entities (*) belonging to persons or to families or of which they are founders or beneficiaries.

Family office

Advice on patrimonial and estate organization, wealth planning, administrative or financial monitoring of assets and coordination of service providers intervening in relation to wealth situation and monitoring or evaluation of their wealth assets and performance.

NB: For the activities of direct asset management of financial instruments as well as generally the advice of investment services, Fiduciare Premier Luxembourg’s calls on professionals specializing in this activity in the top financial centers in Europe.

(*) “Patrimonial entity”: any corporate, contractual, foundation or trust structure which belongs directly or indirectly to a single natural person or to a single family or of which they are founders or beneficiaries

Family office duties

Providing professional advice and services related to patrimonial wealth.


Provision of services

  • Tax planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Tax Services
  • Accounting consolidation
  • Banking introduction
  • Juridical services
  • Administration

Business and asset management administration services

  • Real Estate Management
  • Financial Investment
  • Private Equity
  • Other Equity Investments
  • Diversification

Fiduciare Premier Luxembourg has extensive experience in dealing with active corporate clients at an international level, which places us in a privilegedposition when it comes to supporting entrepreneurs with commercial interests in different jurisdictions.

Financial Engineering

We offer a wide range of services from the analysis, design and implementation of the optimal structure for the holding of liquid or illiquid assets, to the choice of the best vehicle for financing mergers, acquisitions and company restructurings or the organization of a family holding company with a view to their quotation on a stock market or tax and inheritance planning.

Our expertise is based on designing structures offered in other European jurisdictions and on specific Luxembourg products.

An example of a specific Luxembourg product is a SOPARFI (Societé de Participations Financères), a company that undertakes holding and financing activities, fiduciary structures, different forms of investment company and specially designed vehicles such as a venture capital investment company, title vehicle or non-taxable passive investment vehicle SPF (Societé de Gestión de Patrimonio Familial) for private investors or families.

Services and structures

Our activities in financial engineering includes setting up and advising on:


Tax efficient Trading & Holding structures


Family Wealth Management Vehicles (SPF, Trust, Foundations)


Chartered accountancy and audit services


Corporate headquarters services / domiciliation services


Cross border tax planning structures


Assistance in Tailor-made AIF Funds


Intellectual Property (IP) Management


HNWI Residence & Citizenship EU Planning Schemes


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